Anyone who has played PvP has come across those really annoying gamers who just cannot follow the social guidelines in game. What happens though when the griefer you've been insulting turns the tables and reveals himself to be a professor studying your resulting behaviors? Players of City of Heroes have found out when compulsive griefer "Twixt" pulled off the mask!

"I know (how Twixt plays) is considered 'legal' but this person is getting really out of hand," a user at the game's public message board soon posted. "This guy has got to go."

But no one could stay alive long enough to defeat Twixt or drive him to quit.

Players turned to verbal abuse, hoping an offended Myers would log off and cancel his subscription.

When Twixt celebrated his victories, lobbing messages like "Yay, heroes. Go good team. Vills lose again," in the game's chat box, users like Hunter-Killed responded, "U are a major sh--bird."

Another player added, "I hope your mother gets cancer." Yet another wrote, "EVERYONE HATES YOU."

You can read the full article on this one researcher's plight of the griefer on

I always think that research like this is interesting but I have never thought that online interaction is some sort of window to humanity. In my experiences, people take liberties online that they would never take in real life. What do you all think? Is this professor uncovering some deeply hidden darkness in people?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016