With many changes coming in the next patch to World of Warcraft the PTR patch notes are changing constantly. Blizzard has posted several changes to them today. Included in the changes are some of the items below.There are many additional changes that can be found at the link below.

* Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55.
* Bonus Armor: The mechanics for items with bonus armor on them has changed (any cloth, leather, mail, or plate items with extra armor, or any other items with any armor). Bonus armor beyond the base armor of an item will no longer be multiplied by any talents or by the bonuses of Bear Form, Dire Bear Form, or Frost Presence.
* Racial restrictions on mounts have now been lifted. Night Elves on mechanostriders? Tauren on raptors? You’re not seeing things.
Shield Wall, Barkskin, Guardian Spirit, and Divine Protection are now off the Global Cooldown.

* Hunter Aspects are now off the Global Cooldown again. They still have a shared 1 second cooldown.

Death Knight (Skills / Talents / Glyphs)
* Anti-Magic Zone: This ability’s duration has been cut to 10 seconds.
* Killing Machine: Instead of a chance to be triggered on critical strike, this talent now has a chance to be triggered on each swing based on the swing time of the weapon (slow weapons more likely, fast weapons less likely).

You can find the latest PTR notes at the Blizzard site here: Public Test Realm Patch Notes

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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