More bite-sized chunks of the upcoming patch are heading to a background downloader near you! The size of Patch 3.2 is staggering, so make sure you get as much of it before launch day as you can. Another sign of patch day imminence is the opening of the Trial of Champions for our European readers. The latest schedule shows some openings for Monday. Those of us on the U.S. servers have been enjoying this for a bit so it's nice for those across the Atlantic to take a whack at them:

Faction Champions – Monday Night, July 25, starting at 19:00 CEST. Normal and Heroic.

Some of the tests will have multiple bosses and difficulties available for testing, as noted above.

We’re going to try and have Test Patchwerks (Tank and DPS versions) available in the Argent Coliseum for testing. Instead of the previous tank test patchwerk that increased melee damage over time, the 3.2 tank test patchwerk will just hit VERY hard (as hard as Algalon) all the time to allow for more lengthy sustained tank parses. We're always interested in seeing combat logs and parses for all raid testing on the PTR, but especially test patchwerk logs. These are extremely helpful to our class team.

Maybe if we keep the Europeans out long enough we can get all of the world that wrong to think that? Here is the European schedule for those keeping score at home.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016