It’s been a rough couple of weeks at Funcom. Following a mass of layoffs (mostly said to be temporary), The Secret World’s (TSW) development team, as with other Funcom projects, has been scaled back. Luckily, this hasn’t dampened Tørnquist’s spirit, and he remains optimistic that TSW offers something that none of the alternative games do.

That last one is an easy one: of course it does! The Secret World has a bright future ahead of it and the team remains dedicated to delivering monthly content updates.

Okay, look, we all know there are a lot of alternatives out there -- from warring guilds to kung-fu-fighting pandas -- but I can safely say that no other game offers what The Secret World offers. Freedom from classes and levels; a modern-day setting with real world locations; a critically acclaimed storyline and an atmosphere second to none; fully voiced characters that you can empathise with and believe in; a deep and unique character progression system, with boundless opportunities for experimentation and character development.

While it’s been a rough go for Funcom of late, Tørnquist remains committed to the dedicated playerbase that makes up TSW and he isn’t about to start playing it safe with content now.

The list goes on and on. I think it's fair to say that TSW is an original and ground-breaking game, and our players agree. Our ratings remain incredibly high -- in fact, with an 8.4 Metacritic user score, we're amongst the highest rated MMOs of the past decade -- and our community is vocal, positive and growing.

And that's why we're not about to change. We're not going to play it safe. We won't be introducing classes or levels, elves or dwarves, and regardless of the competition, we won't back down from our original vision. We're going to keep doing what we're good at. We'll continue to push the boundaries, and we'll keep reinventing the wheel (quite literally). Five years ago, we set out to revolutionise the genre, and the revolution has just begun.

So what can players expect in the coming months? More refinements to the game and better optimization, a new ten-player raid in October, more auxiliary weapons, additional character customization, a huge new secret feature for Christmas and more.

Be sure to read the full State of the Game for all the details.

Source: TSW State of the Game

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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