Is WotLK too easy?

That is the question being asked by many players. Blizzard responded in the forums today with the following:

We definitely wanted to make tanking, especially 5-player dungeons and the introductory raids, a little easier. We also wanted to improve the AE-tanking capabilities of all tanks.

We don't think the threat game is what is fun about tanking. It's a largely invisible and confusing number that traditionally required a mod in order to be tracked. We do want tanks to care about threat (or else they just stack mitigation and blame threat on the rogue) and we want them to care about dps too.

Remember that the old Naxx was the pinnacle of 40-player raiding. The new Naxx was designed to be more like Karazhan, or even a litle easier, considering that some of the Kara fights (the dragons, Prince and Aran in particular) required a lot of coordination.

Ulduar and subsequent raids will be a step up in difficulty, and I would also expect to see a lot more of the "hard mode" challenges, like "3 drakes up." We want to give players a chance to really test their mettle and have "server first" mean something and all that. We just want to do it without shutting 90% of players out of the instances -- arguably one of the coolest aspects of the game considering all of the customized art and sound -- and especially not the first couple of raids.

If we're having this conversation about Icecrown, then I would admit we have a problem.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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