Rainbow Six Siege just received a small update focused on the elimination of any sort of cheating in the game. Not only did the cheat detection script get updated, but the punishment for cheating as well. Instead of being given a warning of a 3 day ban, players who are caught cheating will be given a permanent ban immediately. That's no small threat for a game that currently runs $70 US.

The move is a welcome one even though cheating in the game hasn't become a problem so far. Players are taking it as a sign that Ubisoft plans to keep updating the game on a regular bases, while maintaining the competitiveness it currently enjoys. 

Siege is a welcome change in the FPS genre, favoring strategic game play over run and gun, and team work over individual combat skill. On a personal note, the community has been one of the most welcoming ones I've been a part of in my gaming career. I failed to register a kill in my first 3 matches and the closest thing I got to being told off was a friendly "we're all noobs at some point". Hopefully it manages to keep that positive attitude as the game and community matures.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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