You can't just stick them in a home, after all.

While newer MMORPGs seem to die off with increasing rapidity, several of the category's tried and true names are headed for graphical rebirth. Is a facelift all that's needed? What can be done for some of the industry's other hangers-on. Read what Cody "Micajah" Bye addresses these questions and more in his latest editorial.

"What would you give to have a team of developers go in and completely refresh the entire game? Perhaps the developers could enhance the graphics and smooth out some of the rough edges that the game is showing. On top of that the team could give the AI a overhaul, making their routines smarter, making them adapt to your maneuvers, and enhancing the way you go about strategizing for the enemy. Sound and music would benefit from the overhaul as well, allowing the game designers to do voice-overs, orchestral scores, and more. When you returned to the game that inspired so much nostalgia within your heart, you would find a world that incorporates the wealth of new features that today's MMOGs provide, but also remains the same game at heart."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016