This blog post, reposted over on Reddit has sparked some interesting speculation into the world of Blizzard. While we can't verify if it's true or not, it's interesting to note that some of the things said sound realistic, except for the fact that I personally believe Heroes of the Storm will do great. Anyway, if you don't want to read all the boring details (if they're boring or not is subjective), the next SC2 expansion is ready, Blizzard has little faith in HotS, they are working on a Warframe like clone set in the SC2 universe (pulling D3 resources away), and Hearthstone is more popular than anyone could ever imagine.

First, I don't think that Blizzard is making a Warframe clone. Warframe, while successful, isn't a market I think Blizzard needs to move into and compete, considering that Activision already owns Call of Duty and it'd be easier to leverage that franchise into a space shooter than it would be to leverage StarCraft II. Secondly, the article seems to be BS to me because any of us could "speculate" that Hearthstone is doing awesome and then use that justify a myriad of other claims.

Here is what I think. I think that it's hogwash. Blizzard has said already that they want to make expansions faster and if the next expansion is "feature complete" then why couldn't Draenor be ready faster? It couldn't and neither can the next expansion. It's obvious that the next StarCraft 2 expansion is soon, because it's about time for it. As for Blizzard having little faith in Heroes of the Storm, who knows, no one will until it goes into open beta but remember the power of marketing - it's going to sit there on everyone's Blizzard launcher. The reason that they're gating it right now (my speculation) is that they want it polished perfect so when they flip the switch and every Blizzard fan has access, they're going to play a game they get addicted to.

There is a comment within it about the developers wanting to release a game now and the executives want to wait. That never happens. Additionally, a lot of the near launches don't have betas yet. So Blizzard is either launching without a beta (a rarity) or this is false.

Whatever you want to take from it, I leave it here for you.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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