Blizzard posted the following today regarding recent account compromises and gold / item sellers.

As a reminder, per our policy posted here:

We are removing gold and items knowingly or unknowingly received from a compromised account. This includes characters who have been used to "launder" compromised gold, and characters who have purchased the gold from a gold seller.

Please keep in mind that the purchase of gold for real life funds is against our TOS, and we will not be reimbursing either gold or cash for the items and gold lost due to this action.

This may help: Account A is compromised by Account B. Account purchases/receives gold from Account B. While investigating Account A GM discovers gold on Account C, removes it and returns it to Account A. Needless to say, Account B is closed.

If Account C has purchased items with the stolen gold, those items will be removed to return the stolen gold to Account A.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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