If you're a Redditor and a fan of the game Destiny, chances are, you've seen what is currently the top thread in /r/DestinyTheGame. If you're not following along closely, then it might interest you that a handful of the community over there worked together to put up not only 25 Grimoire card codes for Destiny, which unlock lore and act as achievements. Some of the lore unlocks come from performing certain tasks, such as 2,000 kills, but there are also ones that come from various places, including limited editions. To learn more about the Grimoire, check out this video created by another community member:

Some of the cards grant in-game useables – not exactly items. Six of the codes are for Emblems, which are icons you can use on your in-game profile. The last two codes in the Reddit post are limited edition Shader codes, which are kind of like dyes for Destiny. The Shaders are a matrix of a hue. While there is a system of dying armor in game, it will not function like most games. You can equip one Shader at a time, and there is a large amount that are available after level 20.

The post includes not just all 25 of these different codes, but a script another Redditor wrote in JavaScript that will add all of the codes to your Bungie.net profile, even if you've already added some in already. It's really great seeing a gaming community come together like this and help provide so much helpful information. Not only is there the script, images, and the above YouTube video, but there are also full instructions on how to use the script. Will you be using the codes?

I'm pretty conflicted about this. Yes, it's really awesome watching the community work together on a fantastic, collaborated piece. Yes, we all like cool in-game stuff. But, is it alright that these codes are being distributed so freely? Surely they weren't meant for everyone, especially the limited edition Shader codes. However, if Bungie wanted to keep these strictly limited, then why not use unique codes? I can't blame anyone for using them because the codes are reusable. I wonder, if I had a console, if I would want to use them myself. Sure, I can sit here and say that I'm morally obligated not to, but would I really? They're pretty much just right there for the taking.

How about you? Did you use the codes or are you planning on using them? If you aren't using them, but could, why aren't you? Do you think Bungie messed up by not making these unique? How about those who purchased limited editions – should the Shader codes be only for those players? Do you think Bungie should come up with a new set of Shaders that are really limited for those who purchased special editions? Let us hear about it in the comments section!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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