Quick! Add another server, Jimmy! The old girl can't take the strain!

It looks like people just can't enough of the newly free-to-play sci-fi MMOG RF Online. Codemasters is opening a third server for the game to meet the swelling demand.

Codemasters Online are thrilled to announce the opening of another new world for their hugely popular 100% free MMORPG RF Online. The new world known as “Solus” will open its gates as a surge of new players join the RF Online service.

Since the switch to free to play two weeks ago, RF Online has achieved unprecedented levels of success as players come from far and wide to declare their allegiance and battle it out for control of Novus.

Following the opening of “Solus”, Codemasters Online are now preparing for the games next free update due to launch in the coming months currently named “Planet Wars”. This completely free expansion will see players take to the skies in fast paced action space combat as they pilot their ships through space and venture to all new planets and systems.

Read the announcement at the RF Online site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016