The Easter Bunny will never survive this post apocalyptic nuke. I see fur and feet flying everwhere. On the other hand.. think of all of the luck we'll have with those severed bunny toes.

Citizens of Novus Prepare for the Easter Invasion!
Beginning on Good Friday and building up to what will be one of the biggest battles seen in any MMORPG to date; involving hundreds of monsters in full out war, the planet Novus will be invaded and only you can help! Will you heed the call? It’s time to declare your allegiance in the planets last stand…

Friday 14th – A siege on the HQs from the Bulky Lunkers. Usually based in the Sette Dessert the Lunkers have gone crazy and started attacking the Faction HQ’s, no one knows why or how they got there but why miss an opportunity for some profitable hunting!

Saturday 15th – On closer inspection the Crag mine control centre is attracting a lot of strange activity, is this just a random occurrence, or is there more to this? Can these creatures be destroyed? It’s up to you to investigate and report to your race leader.

Sunday 16th – Sette Invasion - Can all 3 Factions put aside their differences as the strange creatures seize control of Sette and make their last stand. The Cora, Accretia and Bellato will need to fight back against this invasion to ensure the survival of Novus. Are reports of a weird presence in the Sette temple correct?

For those lucky few to make it through the chaotic struggle a reward will be granted for your valour in combat.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016