The Rhode Island House of Representatives passed a bill protecting Curt Schilling and the rest of 38 Studios from further lawsuits.

This all stems from a couple years back when 38 Studios was developing a massively-expensive, state-funded Kingdoms of Amalur MMO. The project and the game studio more or less imploded and the state sued the studio and its founder, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. More than once, apparently. And there was a lot of animosity on the part of Rhode Island's governor, who called the IP a "piece of junk" after Project Copernicus failed to sell at auction.

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The measure aims to shield any defendant that settles in the case from lawsuits from co-defendants over damages for which that co-defendant is found liable. Supporters said that legal protection would be a big incentive for parties interested in settling the case.

In other words, the studio is still liable for the $90 million they owe the state, but not for any further damages. The big debate is still whether or not the Rhode Island taxpayer should be stuck with the bill for the state's bad investment.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016