What’s the one thing that you never do when you want to sell an expensive piece of software or tech? Maybe not call it “a lot of junk” as RI Governor Lincoln Chafee did with Copernicus on Thursday while speaking on a public affairs show. Chafee discussed the failure of the 38 Studios IP auction held earlier this month to find an "acceptable" bid for the Copernicus and Kingdoms of Amalur property. Chafee added that he wasn’t surprised that it failed to sell amongst other things.

"People just panicked and gave a retired baseball player a huge amount of taxpayer money with no experience in this industry or any other businesses," Chafee said. "There was this whole groupthink across the business communities."

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling responded to some inquiries about Chafee's statements on Twitter.

Bids were made during the auction, but none were "acceptable" according to previous reports. Despite the failure to find a suitable bid during the auction, the court-appointed receiver Richard J. Land is still continuing negotiations with the interested parties, but Chaffee is probably not making his job any easier with comments like that.

Source: The Providence Journal

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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