The theme this week seems to be what's right around the corner, such as Swordsman's first expansion or Age of Wushu's newest. On October 14, we'll get World of Warcraft's anticipated game update, Patch 6.0.2. Now that we have a date, people are not only marking their proverbial calendars, but some are even renewing their subscriptions in order to bask in the glory of all of that new, oh so welcomed space. Updated bank and bag space isn't the only thing coming with The Iron Tide.

For one, we'll get most of the new character models (sorry Blood Elves, you're pretty enough!). The Iron Tide, which doubles as the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch, will finally move from the Public Test Realm over to production servers in just a few short days now. Time to screenshot your hot bars so you can remember what skills go where, because the class abilities revamp also come with this update. Another fun addition to this patch is the three new bosses added to Upper Black Rock Spire, where level 90s can get themselves some sweet new gear, which comes at a 550 item level, which will get you up to snuff needed for getting your Garrosh flex runs on. These three will be available only for a limited time, though, so be ready to run once the servers are back up from being patched.

New character models, better bank space management, expanded bag spaces, new – but temporary – bosses, and the class abilities revamp, but the stat squish comes with this update, as well. While you're taking commemorative screenshots of your hotbars, be sure to grab some of your current hit points, mana pools, and other stats, as well. After October 14, you won't be a Mage with 900k health anymore, sorry morning glory! I'm kind of excited about the stat reset, but I wonder if this will make old world items viable again, rather than vendor trash. Remember begging your guildies week in, week out for a chance at Keris of Zul'Serak?

The occasional raining of Heirlooms off Garrosh comes with 6.0.2 (with more adjustments coming later on with the Warlords launch). You can also bet on the sky will be falling for at least three people. I wonder what class we'll hear from the most? Which class gets ruined the most? I say we all place our bets in the comments and I'll draw your World of Warcraft character badly in MS Paint if you win. Sound good? I think it sounds like a party. I mean, I know you have about five days left of gold and silver run attempts, but if you could find the time to place your bets on what class thinks they're ruined the most, you should totally drop a line in our comments.

If you came here looking for Corgis, remember the pet will not be available until Blizzard flips the switch on the anniversary celebrations, which will start on Friday, November 21 and end Tuesday, January 6. You have plenty of other things to distract you between now and Corgi time anyway, like learning new rotations, farming UBRS once again, and figuring out why that one glyph is not the best thing in the bunch anymore. I logged into PTR when the changes went live, and I must say, redoing everything wasn't fun. I'm not looking forward to doing that yet again, but at least I won't have to worry relearning my class all over again, like I did when I resubbed after more than three years of inactivity!

Anything in particular you are looking forward to coming out of The Iron Tide? I know, I know, you were hoping for Corgis – sorry! What will you do with all that newly organized bank space? Don't forget to vote for your favorite class to be the squeakiest wheel in the comments below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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