Guild Wars 2 brought a nice twist to certain mechanics that have proven to be popular with the community such as open tapping mobs, allowing all that contribute to the fight to be rewarded and the dynamic questing system. Perhaps taking a cue from that in a way, Turbine has added their own twist to the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).

In their latest developer diary, Turbine’s Joe'jwbarry'Barry details plans for the razed Rohirrim village of Hytbold, which players will be tasked with rebuilding. Hytbold will include a number of rotating daily quests that players will have to undertake in order to earn supplies and manpower to help rebuild and upgrade the buildings of the village.

"There are over 2 dozen different buildings within the town to upgrade including the Mead-hall, half dozen houses, smithy, lumber-mill, stables, study, armoury, towers, gates and palisades, tents, and several farms. Those buildings feature over a hundred and fifty different repairs and upgrades. As the upgrades are acquired the town will be visibly rebuilt, repaired, decorated, and populated."

The area will also utilize open tapping for mobs, phasing, instanced public quest areas, the new Remote Looting feature and new armor sets specific to player trait lines.

Read the full developer diary to get the full picture of what’s in store for the village of Hytbold.

Source: Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: Welcome to Hytbold

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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