Trion Worlds is sending RIFT's 1.4 update to PTS tomorrow and they need help to test it. New features are set to undergo testing beginning at 3:00PM PDT tomorrow and include a new cross-server Looking for Group system, which will extend the current system from a single shard to multiple shards to aid in decreasing dungeon queue times.

Also up for testing tomorrow is a brand new PvP mode for Whitefall Steppes. The new mode puts a twist on the Capture the Shard mode for the map that has led to so many games of cap once and turtle that we all know and love. In the new mode, players must capture three Sourcestones from the field and hold them at their base to fuel their faction's massive rune cannons. The stones can be stolen directly from a team's base by opposing players, so a mix of offense and defense will be needed.

Trion has laid out a few guidelines and requests for the event, so be sure you check them all out if you plan to take part.

There is one other nugget of information fans will find interesting. Community manager James "Elrar" Nicols posted in the same thread that Trion will very soon be testing out a new form of gameplay with PvP Rifts.

We'll be testing PvP Rifts, a new form of Rift gameplay, in the near future (maybe Friday!)

Source: RIFT Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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