Trion Worlds is kicking up the conflict in RIFT next week with the launch of the 1.8: Infernal Dawn update. The Infernal Dawn update will add a new 20-person raid against the dragon lords Maelforge and Laethys. But if raiding isn’t your thing, there will also be a new Instant Adventure for Ember Isle, Ascended stat tracking leaderboards and the Fishing & Survival skills.

Additional details about the 1.8: Infernal Dawn update is available on the RIFT website. Check out the official press release and trailer after the break for more.


Eighth Rift™ update brings new 20-person raid, tradeskills, and leaderboards

As the Telaran sun sets on the Carnival of the Ascended, a violent new day breaks next week as Trion Worlds launches Infernal Dawn, the next Rift™ content update. The update’s centerpiece is a new 20-person raid that pits players against the dragon lords Maelforge and Laethys within the volcanic depths of Ember Isle’s Mount Carcera. Additional features include a guild finder tool, leaderboards, Fishing and Survival tradeskills, and Instant Adventure on Ember Isle.

Full list of features included in RIFT: Infernal Dawn:

  • ·         Infernal Dawn – Epic 20 person raid within Mt. Carcera on Ember Isle
  • ·         New Tradeskills – Fishing and Survival come to Telara
  • ·         Leaderboards –  Ascended stat tracking comes to Rift
  • ·         Instant Adventure – Join the adventure on Ember Isle

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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