One thing RIFT has spawned outside of massive NPC invasions is a dedicated massive player invasion. The Gaiscioch Family, a guardian guild on Faeblight server, threw down the gauntlet a few weeks ago with their planned 22 week invasion to purge the defiant from Telara and slay their main heroes in Meridian. This week marks the beginning of Chapter 3 in the Telara Saga invasion and the Gaiscioch Family is welcoming both defiant and guardian factions to join the event that will wage war in Scarlet Gorge.

Guardian forces will form up for the invasion at 5:45pm PST and ride to war at 6:00pm PST. Will the defiant answer? Check out the release below to learn more about the Telara Saga.

The Telara Saga

Chapter 3: Battle Rages in Scarlet Gorge

April 5th & 12th 2011 at 6PM PST

Champions of Telara sharpen your swords and polish your shields, for the Telara Saga continues. Last week we finalized our fortification of Gloamwood and have been able to begin producing much needed resources for our battles to come. We now have the resources needed to push into Scarlet Gorge and seal off the floodgates of the Defiant invaders. By capturing Scarlet Gorge we will cut off Defiant from our homelands and begin expanding our reach into Moonshade Highlands, Ironpine Peak, and Stillmoor. This location is critical to our campaign and we must hold and fortify this area. Join us on April 5th and 12th for the next 2 parts of the 3rd Chapter in the Telara Saga. We will have Full PvP Enabled groups for levels 40+ to engage in some fun PvP, Full PvE groups who will have Auto Flag PvP turned off and focus on the PvE content for those who prefer not to PvP, and we'll have several Mix groups which will enjoy both PvE and PvP content.

In the first part of Chapter 3 we will focus on capturing Ancient Wardstones, closing Rifts, Destroying Footholds, and Removing any Hostile entities from the map. We will be forming in Gloamwood Pines at 5:45PM PST and ride to Scarlet Gorge at 6PM PST. Join us for some fun, socialization and some good experience & planarite gains. All levels & play styles are welcome.

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