Trion Worlds this week announced that they’ll finally be merging RIFT servers next week to improve shard populations, making it easier to find groups and PvP matches with the Group Finder tool. NA servers are scheduled to undergo the process on Wednesday, October 23rd with EU servers to follow on Thursday, October 24th. The merger list is as follows:

North America

Necropolis users will be migrated to Seastone.

Shatterbone users will be migrated to Wolfsbane.

Threesprings users will be migrated to Deepwood.


Volan users will be migrated to Bloodiron

Blightweald users will be migrated to Gelidra

Argent users will be migrated to Zaviel

Nomi users will be migrated to Brisesol

In addition to the server mergers, Trion is also expanding its language support for RIFT to create “international worlds,” allowing players to play on the same server and experience content in different languages. Read all about this and the mergers in the official announcement.

Source: RIFT Shard Unification Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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