Yesterday Mark Merrill, the co-founder and president of Riot Games, suffered a breach to his Twitter account by a person only identifying themselves as Jason. During the time that Jason had access to Merrill’s account, he claimed to have also gained access to assets and the client for an unannounced project from Riot Games called League of Legends: Supremacy, which appears to be a CCG (Collectible Card Game). After calling for followers of Merrill’s Twitter to retweet his posts to see images, Jason posted a picture of the League of Legends: Supremacy login screen along with several card design templates.

Jason later tweeted from Merrill’s account that he would be uploading 200mb of images from the game said to also include the card images unless Merrill emailed him not to, which Merrill may have done since Jason seems to have gone quiet on that last bit.

Merrill has since regained control of his Twitter account and addressed some of the tweets from Jason. Sadly, if you were hoping that the leaked information was something to look forward to you may be in for disappointment.  Or maybe not as Merrill didn’t confirm or deny if it was one of many project prototypes that may never get beyond the pitch.

In case you missed the previous batch of now-deleted tweets, MMO Culture has posted an image of each one from over the weekend. For now, we'll have to wait and see if League of Legends: Supremacy is something we may see more of in the future or just another concept that will evaporate into the nether. Riot Games did file a trademark for League of Legends: Supremacy back in 2012 and filed for an extension on the mark earlier this year, so it's certainly possible that there could be something in the works still. Time will certainly tell.

Would you like to see a League of Legends CCG? Reddit community members certainly would. They're even hoping to convince Merrill to partake in another "Ask Me Anything" session. Tell us what you think about the prospect of another CCG below.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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