No, Ukash is not a former Soviet state that has a good chance to beat the US in World Cup soccer.

Not that it's difficult, /mourn Team USA. Ukash is a European cash-for-virtual-goods concept that RedBedlam will use to allow Roma Victor players to swap out cash for Sesterces, the in-game virtual currency.

Ukash is simple to use, and Ukash vouchers are available in over 120,000 stores across Europe. The company has plans to make Ukash available in 12 countries by the end of 2006. As simple to use as mobile top-ups, customers can exchange cash for a Ukash voucher and then spend the value online in an identical way to existing credit card holders.

“It’s a perfect fit,” said Justin Lunny, Director of Sales for Ukash “We have already worked successfully with other online-based businesses, including MMORPG’s, but we see this particular partnership as a special progression into virtual worlds and their economies.”

“The Roma Victor commercial test already has a burgeoning economy,” said RedBedlam’s Managing Director, Kerry Fraser-Robinson, “and we recognise that many players do not have or want to use credit cards for online payments: Ukash can offer players the option of using cash instead, with no hidden costs at all.”

First we have crucifixion from Roma Victor, now you can collect your thirty pieces of silver in real currency. Read the official press release from RedBedlam at ResponseSource.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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