Coming soon: "Pong Online: The Ball Breaker Saga."

Massively is speculating that Nolan Bushnell, creator of Pong, might be getting involved in the MMOG space, based on comments he made in a GDC interview.

On this line of questioning, GameSpot asks 'Do you have anything in massively multiplayer games?' After a long pause, Bushnell confirms he does with a single 'yes', but reveals no further details, saying intriguingly ' ... as compelling as World of Warcraft is, it too shall find that there are other ways to play a game.'

It's a given that he knows a lot about the industry, but that's not necessarily a quality guaranteed to create a fun game. However, he does know quite a bit about creating social spaces, which could be a big advantage in designing an MMO. What do you think, could something interesting come from Nolan Bushnell?

Read the rumor at Massively.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016