Another company eyes up the benefits of outsourcing some coding.

Simutronics fired off a press release this morning to let us know that Russian developer IT Territory has licensed their HeroEngine software for use in an upcoming fantasy MMOG.

Simutronics announced today that IT Territory, the number one online game company in Russia, has licensed the Simutronics' HeroEngine platform to develop its new MMO title.

Today MMO games are one of the fastest growing segments of the video game market bringing in billions of dollars in global revenues. According to DFC Intelligence, by 2011 global revenues from online games may reach $13 billion USD per year. Millions of people all around the world socialize and compete with each other in the virtual worlds of EverQuest, World of Warcraft, Lineage and other popular MMO games.

"We want to push forward the development of online games in Russia,"- says Igor Matsanyuk, the President of IT Territory. "We've selected Simutronics' HeroEngine because it has a complete tool set and has the best solutions and environment for developing a top-notch MMO title. We wanted to see the results of our work fast, and our team needed a technology that was both sophisticated in its results and yet easy enough to work with! Thus HeroEngine was a perfect fit for us."

Read more about the software and the deal at the HeroEngine site.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016