Sphere rolls along

That the first Russian MMO just launched its first addon doesn't seem all that newsworthy; not that I don't wish them the best. But the "includes the game's version for portable platforms" part of this announcement picqued my interest. I knew the marriage of MMO and mobile was imminent, I didn't know it was here (and from a relatively unknown-to-the-west developer, at that).

The add-on is in DVD format and it includes the game's version for portable platforms. A colorful poster with a detailed map of the world of Sphere and a 2006 calendar are also included in the package. They really took the term "add-on" seriously.

Might this be another EVE Online, waiting a year or two to come sweeping over the Arctic circle onto the hard drives of a rabid cult following? Time will tell, but check out MMORPG blog's treatement of Spheres: Dreamscape in the meantime.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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