The next IRL for Saga of Ryzom is coming up. They want to know where you want to have it.

Well it's getting close to that time again folks, the next IRL is going to happen and we want to get some idea of where you'd like to go for it. After all, it's your meet so you should get a say in where it is held.
The last two have been held in The Old Star in London (transport links to London are very good, plenty of cheap hotels if people want to stay over and apparently there are one or two things to see and do in the city if you arrive early) so if you'd prefer we can do that again. Or we can find another venue in the city, or even choose a different city altogether.

Bear in mind if you want to choose a different city it would be a good idea to make it one with good links so people don't struggle to get there. So feel free to give us your views so we can decide on the best place between us all to meet up, exchange war stories and quite possibly explore the contents of the bar.

Um.. I wouldn't mind hitting London in a storm of Gamer wonder. You can leave your comments right here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016