Can your servers handle the pain?

The Saga guys fired off a press release to let us know that next weekend, Saturday February 23rd, will be their official stress test.

WHEN: Saturday, 23 February

TIME: 10am MST until 2pm MST (That's US Mountain Standard Time)

REWARD: 3 FREE booster packs (good for release)

INCENTIVE: Super Loot and Resources

Server stability is obviously essential for any online game and we really need your help in ensuring we have stable servers, and if not, in tracking down any server crash bugs.

We need every player available to log on for these four hours and play SAGA. We realize your time is precious, and as such, are willing to repay you with booster packs good for the release of the game. Four snapshots will be taken at four random intervals during the test period -- if your name appears online, you will get free packs.

Additionally, a few SUPER-FARMABLE QUESTS will be added just for this test - easy quests that reward THOUSANDS of resources and EPIC LOOT just for playing them. Get the boost to your economy you've always wanted.

The two main things we are testing are load on the battle server, and multiple people logging in at the same time. This means we need lots of people playing quests and PvP'ing, and we will be taking down all servers occasionally and getting everyone to re-log in.

We look forward to seeing you online. INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS! This is super-important to the success of this game.

Learn more at the official website.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016