It's a sad day for everyone... Here's the newspost from Mark Jacobs about this recent loss:

I regret to announce that as a result of a mutually agreed parting of the ways, Sanya Weathers is leaving Electronic Arts. While this will result in a change to the best community team in the industry, there will be no disruptions to our games or our community. Richard will continue to spread Waaagh! amidst the growing Warhammer community. Jeremy is flying the banner for UO as they prepare for a Kingdom Reborn. Parizad has been a welcome addition to our team in the last few months working on The Sims Online and Dark Age of Camelot. Since Missy will be out on maternity leave for a while, to help cover we take this opportunity to welcome Joanne to the community team. Joanne has been playing MMO's since '97 and was an outstanding member of our "team lead" group for DAoC.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016