Dear Santa,

All I Want For Christmas Is To Play Auto Assault!

GameSpy's Allen "Delsyn"
Rausch got to sit with the MMOs Project Lead Scott Brown and discuss some specifics.
They also have some cool pictures for you to drool over. Your Welcome!

People crave distinctiveness. Once you get past simple utility, all of a
product's subsequent features inevitably descend to the realm of "fashion
statement." The things we wear and drive and eat and utilize in our daily
lives aren't just useful items, but actually say something about us -- the
way we feel about ourselves and the way we wish to be perceived by the world.
A Lexus won't travel any faster than a Toyota Camry in the middle of rush-hour
freeway traffic, and a PC outfitted with glowing lights and neon won't make
someone a better Counter-Strike player, but people still spend beaucoup bucks
on such accoutrements as if it would.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016