New Screenshots or Concept Art Posted Daily

Daily screenshots/concept art will be provided for all that are interested. See for yourself on a daily basis what's going on at Secret Online.

San Jose, May 15, 2008 – Zyon Games announced today that it will be posting two new Secret Online (SO) screenshots/concept art pieces each day beginning today until the Open Beta in the SO forums section of the website. The forums can be viewed by visiting Visitors are encouraged to check back each day for new and exciting screenies/concept art featuring characters and worlds from the much-anticipated upcoming massively multi-player online game.

The new screenshots and concept art will provide visitors with more scenes from the upcoming Chinese epic adventure. Players of Secret Online will be able to take part in more than 200 quests spanning over 20 maps competing with players from all over the globe.

“We have had countless requests (more than 10) from our players for more images from the game. These screenshots and the concept art are just one way we are doing that.” said Steven C. Wade, CEO of Zyon Games.

To view, please visit Secret Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016