The CEO of Runestone Game Development talks about the danish MMORPG ‘Seed’, which neither uses a combat-system nor standard quests. Can’t work? ‘WoW’ is the spearhead of innovation? Then you should read further which interesting alternatives ‘Seed’ might offer – and to what kind of player this game could be adressed.

Apropos swords: As you just said, ‘Seed’ does not have a combat system at all. No elves, dwarfs, dragons - and no battles. What is the clue behind your thoughts. Or are you just crazy?

We are quite crazy. It helps in this business. We are not crazy enough though, to think that we can beat the likes of Sony and Blizzard at their own game, so we decided to cater to another segment of players instead. We want to be a game that caters primarily to role players, secondarily to crafters. Also, this is the kind of game we really want to make. If we put in a combat system, this would risk to move the focus away from role play and crafting.

Crazy... crazy like a fox! Will seed breathe new life into the MMO standard? Read it and decide for yourself!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016