You may chalk this one up to sudden inspiration or truly in-depth rebranding, but Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) has plans for their new name to infiltrate more than just their office space. The company's resident zombie dwarf, Linda Carlson released a recent news blip about our favorite zombie apocalypse game getting illuminated in a brand new way (I promise that's the last Daybreak pun... for today anyways). H1Z1 should see a massive lighting update in the near future that looks to change the atmosphere significantly, especially in the evening hours (at least judging by the released screenshots of these first adjustments). The original news post can be found on the official H1Z1 game website, but I'll go ahead and include some of the before/after screenshots in this article below. These shots may just be a quick grab of the first pass, but the changes look very positive.

Lighting Comparison Screenshots

More images can be found in the original post linked earlier, but the selection of screenshots offered above should give a fairly good example of several different lighting situations throughout the different times of day (and types of locations). It certainly looks like a beneficial improvement at first glance. Hopefully these changes won't be too far down the road. Sure would be nice to see what the hell I'm doing at night without constantly pulling out my zombie and player attracting flashlight. 

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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