IMGDC New Content - Sharing Our Fantasies, A Sex-Filled Discussion with Kelly Rued

Sex is everywhere. That's why we had a chat with Kelly Rued, an outspoken advocate for interactive adult entertainment and an independent developer in her own right as the Lead Designer on Gods of Desire, a "unique fantasy MMORPG for adventurous adults." Keep reading to learn what's going on with sex and MMOs!

Even for the casual observer – like me – it's strikingly apparent that sex has already penetrated our every day MMOs. "People are playing sex games in the current crop of MMOs, mostly on the RP servers but on the normal servers as well. They spend a good deal of time figuring out ways to interpret real-life sexual positions in-game," Kelly said. "So why won't developers add some more social functions into these games?"

You really don't want to miss a word!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016