Gateworld Sounds Off About Stargate Worlds

Props to Cheyenne Mountain for engaging not only MMO players with 2008 MMO Stargate Worlds, but gaming benighted die-hard fans of the television series who probably think WASD is a futuristic military acronym (which is cool, I don't really understand arcane Stargate lore- like how Teal'C escaped the whole Go'auld symbiote thing and lived... /shrug).

Evidence of this healthy union - to my memory, fairly unique during the production of licensed games - comes from Stargate fansite Gateworld in a recent article about Stargate Worlds.

The premise and backstory of the game will encompass all the elements so loved by fans. The characters, planets, and races should all be the same, with a few new additions. Players might get to meet the Furlings, among others. The humor brought in by Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) and the writers will be continued, keeping the feel of the show for the fans. Currently negotiations continue for the actors to do the voices of their characters.

Read more at GateWorld, and thanks to GW for pointing out that Stargate Worlds won our E3 2006 Most Anticipated MMO award.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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