Stargate Worlds' starting strong at Comic Con.

Comic Con is the center of attention this week, and Stargate Worlds is making a strong showing. In case you missed it, check out this morning's Loading... for a recap of the fun from yesterday, including a visit with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and Firesky (developer and publisher of Stargate Worlds respectively). One of the main attractions for the Ten Ton Hammer crew was SGW and you will definitely want to watch the Stargate Worlds Video walk through. Adding to the feet-on-the-street coverage, one of Stargate's own Chris Klug is offering up his Comic Con Dev Blog for Ten Ton Hammer.

If that isn't enough, SGW has more Devs Blogging on their site which you can follow along as they hang out in Southern California:

"I head down in a few minutes with Chris Klug, Creative Director (better known to you guys as “Ledaye”) for a run through on the demonstrations at the booth. After that I am working tonight during the Preview Night. Tomorrow the real show starts and thousands of people will pour in! I can’t wait."

Keep your eyes and ears open for more fun to follow.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016