Cliffhanger Productions announces new Shadowrun Online MMORPG and according to the devs it’s “nothing like the Xbox game.” 

Shadowrun’s Xbox 360 console and PC run could have gone better. The game was met with mixed reviews, but now the IP is making its way to MMO gamers in the form of Shadowrun Online and is under the development arm of Jagged Alliance Online developer Cliffhanger Productions.

Shadowrun Online is modeled more after the cyberpunk fantasy pen & paper RPG from FASA. While not a huge budget game, Cliffhanger Productions have been coordinating with Shadowrun writers to ensure they stay true to the game’s story.

The devs have answers to several community questions relating to the game on their official forums. Some things of note are that Shadowrun Online will adopt a free-to-play model and use microtransactions to generate revenue, the game will have a death penalty with a bit of a sting and the setting will be based on the 4th edition. Check out the full Community Q&A for all the details.

Shadowrun Online Community Q&A

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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