Not A bard, but THE bard. Sigh. Go look it up.

Technology Review has an article about the experimental Shakespeare-themed game Arden, which was intended to be an MMORPG that taught its players a little about the bard himself. According to the article, the game failed to attract players because, frankly, it was boring.

But Castronova says that there's a problem with the game: "It's no fun." While focusing on including references to the bard, he says, his team ended up sidelining some of the fundamental features of a game. "You need puzzles and monsters," he says, "or people won't want to play ... Since what I really need is a world with lots of players in it for me to run experiments on, I decided I needed a completely different approach."

You can read the rest of the article at Technology Review. Would some extra money have saved this game, or are edutainment efforts ultimately doomed? What do you think?

[Via Massively]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016