Feedback was invited... considered... and nothing happened! Shamans will be nerfed!

On the Blizzard forums, after inviting feedback from the Shaman community regarding the upcoming changes to the class in 1.11, Eyonix has posted this little gem which will make all Shaman players happy.... NOT!!!

"Player feedback concerning the Shaman review has been gathered in North America, Europe and Korea -- and it's been been offered to the Class Design team. It's doubtful that any additional changes will be made to the Shaman before the patch is live on the realms, but we will certainly be discussing your feedback and watching closely how the specifics of the incorporated changes play out.

Once I'm able to discuss the feedback you've provided in greater detail with the Design team, I'll be sure and share with you their response."

While this decision will likely displease many Shaman players (myself included!) for all of you who hate Shamans (read: most Alliance players) today is a day of celebration - Windfury will be nerfed!

Read about all the gripes, comments and flames in the Shaman Forum!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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