Game Update 44 introduced EverQuest II's newest raid zone, the Shard of Hate! Rumors have it that this is a fun and challenging zone with some very nice loot to be had. Does your guild plan on getting in on it soon?

There are at least 4 scorn fiends that have to be dealt with right away. The stationary scorn fiends on the right have some buffs, looks like a SK lifetap shield and avoid buff, there's two at the start of the path. Up the path to the right there are 2 spite golems, which don't seem to have a big aggro radius off of the path they run. Standing off of the path a bit doesn't attract their attention. Here you will also see a bunch of vexed abhorrences wandering close to the buildings on both sides.

Don't take a step inside this epic dungeon without taking a look at this walkthrough first. Knowing the layout of the land and the mobs that you will be fighting is essential to a successful raid, and this guide has both!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016