If you're a fan of online golfing games, GamesCampus has released a new update that you might be interested in checking out for their online golf simulation game, Shot-Online. Today's update brings an all new set of avatars, updates to the ranking system and more polish to in-game graphics. Players can now buy, sell and trade avatar cards, which range in level from 1 to 8, each with their own set of stats and bonuses. Players can put these cards to use when facing others to prove that they're the best using the game's new ranking system. Check out the official press release after the break.


A New Avatar Card System, New Ranking System And Polished New Graphics Are Three Treats Sure To Bring Big Smiles to The Faces Of Shot-Online Golfers

Sunnyvale, Calif. (April 20, 2011) - - Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus.com (www.GamesCampus.com), announced today that its highly popular golf simulation, Shot-Online, has launched a set of new avatars, created a compelling new ranking system, and now offers new highly-polished in-game graphics.  To learn more about Shot-Online and to download and play the game for free, players can visit http://shotonline.gamescampus.com/

Now Shot-Online players can buy trade and sell avatar cards.  These avatars are comprised of some of the most popular NPC's currently in the game including Thor, Belita, Calix, and more!  Each avatar has a level, ranging from the lowest level of 1 to the highest level of 8.

Naturally, higher level avatars will have increased stats and improved EXP bonus. Level 1-4 can be obtained from events, while 5 will be sold directly in the item mall, and 6-8 can be found throughout the game in boxes.

In addition, Shot-Online is proud to unveil the newest level of competition for their golfers.  Think you're the best?  Prove it!

Users will now be able to see who the highest level in the game is.

Ranked by total EXP gained, the top 50 users will have a special icon on top of their head while the top 3 users will have a special announcement on the top of the screen when they log into the game so everyone can see that they have logged in.

Last but not least, players will surely enjoy the updated graphics with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering options. This will make graphics smoother, and provide better clarity whether you have an average PC or top of the line cutting edge technology.

"We're pleased to be offering another way to customize each player's experience, and with a variety of ways to obtain these avatars, no player will be left out of the fun," said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing for GamesCampus.

"Combined together with our leader boards and a greatly improved graphical style, it's a fantastic time to join Shot-Online whether you're a golfing pro or just stepping out onto the green for the first time."

About Shot-Online

Shot-Online, developed by Gamescampus.com, is a hybrid massively multiplayer online game. This golf simulation game incorporates elements of traditional role-playing and is enhanced by proprietary physics software. This software allows for real-world golf ball behavior based on environmental factors. Detailed 3-D graphics and realistic animation enhance the user-experience as players help their characters grow in skill and capability. Team and solo competitions allow players a chance to win game currency with which users can purchase skill-enhancing items.

For more information about Gamescampus.com or Shot-Online, please visit www.gamescampus.com


About GamesCampus

http://GamesCampus.com is a thriving Free-to-Play games portal operated by OnNet USA and serving the Western gaming market. Headquartered in California, OnNet USA was founded in 2006 with the launch of its highly successful golf simulation game, Shot Online and recently expanded its operations with a new office in Germany. Games Campus' diverse game portfolio includes MMOs ranging from sports titles such as Shot Online, MLB Dugout Heroes and racing MMORPG, Drift City , to fantastic fantasy MMOs like Asda Story, Asda 2, Legend of Edda Chapter
2: Return of the God and WWII Flight Combat Simulator, Heroes In The Sky .  All of GamesCampus.com titles are completely free to play, and can be accessed at http://GamesCampus.com or in Europe at http://www.GamesCampus.eu

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