Imagine the possibilities.

In a recent interview with Gamers Global, Sid Meier (of Civilization fame) hinted at the possibility of working on an MMOG in the future.

Sid Meier: The PC will be around for a long time, it is certainly a big part of our future plans. A number of the ideas we’re currently looking at internally are both PC and console. The nextgen consoles have the power to rival a PC in terms of graphics and processing. So it makes sense to build them both on the PC and the consoles. And we’re seeing that with a number of games. PC is still the best place to play a MMO. It has unlimited internet access, so downloadable games are still strong on the PC. Blizzard has certainly done a great job of keeping the PC upfront as a gaming system. And it continues to get better and better with new graphics cards and so on. Right now, we see this rich set of platforms, from the DS through the consoles to the PC, so we’re able to just say: This idea, where will it fit best?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016