Whether you happen to be a career soloer, or if you just ended up on your own for the afternoon, nearly all of us will solo at some point. Successful soloing is a learned skill, so if you want your time on your own to be more than just something to do, then check out our guide for great soloing advice!

Class choice has long been known to be essential to how well a player can solo. I've always said that any class can solo, but it is true that not all classes solo equally, some will always be a little bit better. A good example of this is the pet classes; the Conjurer and the Necromancer. These classes have been popular choices for soloers because of their ease of play. You more or less have a built in group with your very own tank and mage duo which can go a long way in tackling some tougher mobs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016