Skyforge is now fully free-to-play and you can login and play now, which I highly suggest you give it a try - it's free after all. There is a few new things to note. First, salute the founder packs goodbye as they are no longer for sale. I checked early this morning and they were there and now they're gone - but don't fret, you can get new packs which are somewhat similar, somewhat not. First is the starter pack which loads you up with a bunch of goodies to get a head start, and the other is the collector's edition which is basically the better founder pack... evolved, with fewer argents and bag slots now.

Starter Pack ($14.95): 30 days premium, 6000 argents, a title, 50,000 credits, 250 spark replicators, 12 bag slots, some enhancement stones, and 6000 celestial threads.

Collector's Edition ($59.99): Moah Mount, Night Squad Costume, Alchemist and Knight class unlocks, 60 days premium, 20000 argents, a title, 150,000 credits, 1000 spark replicators, 24 bag slots, legendary starter weapons, and 35000 celestial threads.

Some random things to note here is that you get half the argents from the founder's pack but the bag slots are a god send. Beserker and Gunner are no longer purchasable, but, on the flipside, you can now get the Knight and the Alchemist to start with, along with a mount that will stay with you forever. So it's pretty boss! The argents themselves are worth about $20, while the rest of the bonuses are worth around $10, making it a rather good deal everything included.

Now, you don't have to pay a dime to play the game, as it's open beta right now and you can hop into the game and earn all of these goodies yourself, mostly. Argents, the premium currency, still require IRL cash to buy.

I liken Skyforge to something similar to Phantasy Star Online and it's the perfect game to play alongside anything else. You can sign up and play for free now on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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