Skyforge will be receiving new updates in the upcoming Crucible of the Gods patch, but one interesting update preview was posted today highlighting Pantheon changes. Most importantly, resources can now pool up, instead of having to go to project, allowing your Pantheon to save resources beyond the current project. There is also some major UI updates.

In addition to this, Crucible of the Gods is going to introduce Prestige Scaling as well, from yesterday's news post. This should make finding a group a bit easier, by allowing prestige scaling to work for group placement.

It's bringing A LOT of updates beyond that, as we've gone over, and it's scheduled to hit servers August 11th. Tons of new content, raids, and quality of life changes are coming to the game in droves. Prepare yourself now by installing the game and start playing today!


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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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