SOE President John Smedley is teasing fans with more Planetside Next images on his Twitter page again. After posting a 3D render of a tank bearing the marks of the New Conglomerate, Smedley took to the Twittersphere again yesterday posting a short tweet stating, "I love me some Galaxy!" Accompanying Smedley's post is a link to a new 3D render of the New Conglomerate's Galaxy transport ship.

Fans that have played the original Planetside game know this ship as a heavy troop transport that can also move heavy armor units. Fansite Planetside Universe managed to learn a bit more about the unit from John Smedley, noting that the unit is not a screenshot but a model. Smedley also informed the Planetside gaming site that the Galaxy will play a more pivotal role in the upcoming Planetside sequel.


Planetside Universe

John Smedley's Twitter


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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