We reported yesterday that a focus group of scientsts had obstained and analyzed an entire weeks worth of server data from Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest 2 game. Using this data they had come to a number of conclusions about demographics and sociological tendencies. There were some concerns from the interview when one participant said they had been given "everything" which could have included personal information including chat logs.

Alan "Brenlo" Crosby cleared this up today by stating no personal information of any type, including chat logs, were given to the group.

Howdy folks,

I can understand why you would be concerned so let me help to quell some of those concerns. First, there is no personally identifiable data in those logs, even your character names were removed. Second, no chat logs were included. So no one is seeing what any of you have said. This is all anonymous data such as how many trades were conducted for how many items, or how many times do people kill mob X grouped as opposed to solo.

Again there is no personally identifiable data in this 60TB of information. Character names were changed to random number strings that do not have any relevance to a particular account. No account information was shared nor were any chat logs.

Source: Official EverQuest 2 Forums

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016