SOE Files for "Reign of Fear" Trademark

By Stacy Jones -

Fusible recently caught sight of a little something Sony Online Entertainment appears to be working on. According to a recent filing with the United States Patent and Trade Office, SOE has filed to trademark the name Reign of Fear. While itÂ’s unclear what SOE may be looking to apply this to, the patent offers some broad information that could potentially mean an expansion for one of their current titles, or perhaps something new all together.

Computer game software and video game software; providing downloadable multiplayer, role playing, real time computer and video game software via an online website for entertainment purposes.

For now, weÂ’ll have to wait and see what SOE is up to. In my opinion, the name sounds like itÂ’s destined to be an expansion for one of the two EverQuest titles. Stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you when we have more.

via VG247
Source: Fusible

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