They like you! They really like you!

SOE has a bunch of Valentine's Day inspired events for its players across a number of its games.

EverQuest® II will be romancing players throughout the annual week long Erollisi Day celebration honoring the goddess of love, Erollisi Marr. Players will be able to present each other with virtual Erollisi roses, enjoy heart shaped cookies and sip love potions. Also during this holiday, players may discover love notes or message candies when they kill mobs throughout the online world of Norrath.

Other in-game events are as follows:

* Vanguard: Saga of Heroes®: The world of Telon has caught the love bug and it is spreading Valentine's cheer among the citizens with city decorations that give players candies and treats. These aren't just any treats, eat one of these candies and you will experience temporary Valentines buffs!

* EverQuest® Online Adventures™: The adventurers of Norrath will be celebrating Valentine's Day by seeking out a GM who will provide them with a unique holiday quest available to all.

* Planetside®: Players who log in February 12-14 will receive a special ball-and-chain merit. Also, the dummy NPCs that fill the virtual shooting range now feature names such as: It's Not You It's Me and Ice Queen.

Be sure to log on and check them out before they expire!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016