Sparkplay is coming to Facebook! Earth Eternal too, perhaps?

In a recent post on his blog "The Forge," Matt Mihaly, CEO of Iron Realms Entertainment and Sparkplay Media, announced that Sparkplay will soon be unveiling a game application for Facebook with some kind of multiplayer capability. His wording also seems to imply that this will be the first of many Facebook games they have planned.

We (Sparkplay) are going to be launching our first Facebook game in a few weeks, and the design process is interesting when compared to what I’m used to working on (MUDs/MMOs). The biggest difference is that we just don’t care about cheating or exploits that are possible by creating multiple accounts nearly as much because as I said above, it’s as much about communicating with your friends and expressing yourself as it is about “winning.” Going to be fun to see what we learn from our first app. No better way to learn than by doing it!

Read more at The Forge and the join the ongoing discussion. What do you think about all of these MMORPG developers designing for social networks?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016