Square Enix released a huge list of planned content updates for Final Fantasy XIV today scheduled to release from November through the first part of 2011.

The MMORPG has received its share of criticism since its September launch over performance, complicated mechanics and a lack of tutorials. Launch related issues even prompted Square Enix to extend its free play period by an additional 30 days. But the planned content list hopes to address some of these issues. One of the most notable being an update to mouse and keyboard controls.

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Combat will also be getting some love with a lot of class adjustments and changes to enmity rates and accuracy. But zone populations will be getting another pass, so we should see better population in zone territories as well as the addition of new notorious monsters. The addition of notorious monsters will also be part of additions to new guildleves and the adjustment of existing ones.

The team will also be working to add more goal-oriented content and some much needed tutorial additions to help players out when getting started. Check out the full list of planned content for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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